It’s the epitome of everything we do and the inspiration for our new release. 78˚ Better Gin & our Purveyor of Better initiative is designed to help share what the statement ‘Crafted for Better’ means to us.

‘Crafted for Better’ is a statement and mantra that reflects everything we believe in around quality hand-crafted spirits, sustainable production, the use of mindfully gathered Australian botanicals and the connection to local community. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and something we firmly believe makes for a better, more enjoyable and sustainable world.

The best part of the of the Purveyor of Better initiative is that a portion of sales from the 78˚ Better Gin go directly back to local community and charity. This is what better looks like to us, it’s not just about the phenomenal liquid in the glass.

“The Purveyor of Better initiative is our challenge that shows us how we can all do Better in your venues, at home and in our local communities in line with the four elements of ‘Crafted for Better’ – quality, sustainability, local produce & community connection. ”


With each bottle of 78˚ Better Gin sold a portion of the profits go directly back to local community and charity.

The first organisation we worked with was CoVid-19 Employee Assistance Directive (CoVid-19 E.A.D) . With the collapse of the hospitality industry due to the coronavirus pandemic we are currently working directly with

The initiative produced a range of chef-cooked, pre-packaged meals which are then distributed via contact-less delivery (within 20km radius of the Melbourne CBD).

All meals are free of charge and their team of volunteers were able to cook, pack, and deliver 4,000–5,000 meals per week to unemployed hospitality workers, offering some relief and support in the form of nourishing meals and essential care packs.

As well as respecting and working in harmony with the land and natural resources around us, we acknowledge and respect the role we play in the local community.

We employ local Adelaide Hills people within both the distillery and production area as well as in the cellar door and restaurant, helping empower young people with extensive training in the distilling and hospitality industry.

Where practical, we utilise Adelaide Hills and surrounds businesses, including logistics, packaging and raw material suppliers. More importantly, we work very closely with our farmers and botanicals suppliers to ensure the products we source are harvested sustainably and in a manner that supports those farming communities.


Sustainability is the buzz word right now, with growing environmental awareness and messages to minimise our impact on the earth dominating conversations globally. When making considered choices about our production and operations, our decisions are determined by processes that will drive the best outcome for both producing the highest possible quality product, and the resultant impact this will have on the environment.

As reflected by the high regard of our products within the craft category both here and internationally, quality is paramount to our business and our beverages, and no stone is left unturned in sourcing the highest quality raw materials and implementing the most stringent and advanced production methods. This commitment to achieving excellence has helped us identify methods that not only drive the quality we strive to achieve, but help us implement best practices that simultaneously minimise our impact on the planet.


This ideology is not just about quality; it is their commitment to ensure every bottle our customers pick up is a benchmark world-wide. When we say benchmark, we reference not only the liquid you consumed but the rigorous process that goes into crafting it. From the procurement of endemic Australian ingredients to the laborious approach to sustainability through the distilleries water program and 300kW of solar production, the philosophy of “Be Better” drives 78 Degrees Distillery from its core.

‘Crafted For Better’, shouldn’t everything be? 78 Degrees Distillery are foraging a path of sustainability, of care and of consideration. They take each day to think how they can improve their products; not just the quality (to which all the awards speak) but the thought and care for their environment and impact.

To truly understand this concept of being better, we recommend visiting our cellar door and production facility, LOT. 100 in the Adelaide Hills.  Here you can see that they don’t just talk, they do.