Rosé Vermouth

Crafted from our unique 40/60 Torino blend and carefully selected Australian native botanicals, this Rosé Vermouth is driven by fruits of the forest characteristics and spicy pepper notes.

700 mL
Botanical Profile
Karkalla, Wattleseed, Native Thyme, Sunrise Lime, Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle & Finger Lime

Rosso Vermouth


Riverland Orange | Citrus notes, bitterness
Riberries | Resinous, herbal and tart
Native Thyme | Intensely aromatic and herbal
Sunrise Lime | Fruity and flora citrus notes
Quandong | Stone fruit and tartness


As a spritzer using an Australian Blanc de Blanc.


Australian Negroni
30mL Rosso Vermouth
30mL 78˚ Degrees Classic Gin
30mL The Bitter Orange
Stir over ice and garnish with Lemon Myrtle and Sunrise Lime.

About 78˚ Rose Vermouth

The Adelaide Hills in South Australia is home to some of Australia’s most revered farms, orchards and gourmet producers, with its celebrated cool climate providing perfect conditions for growers and farmers alike. From this enviable landscape, we take the inspiration for Adelaide Hills Distillery. To use only the highest quality produce, sourced both locally and from other premium regions both interstate and around the world. To make use of the premium water available in our backyard. And to make this commitment to quality our driving philosophy.

Created upon a McLaren Vale Chenin Blanc foundation with the deep red fruit and spicy pepper characteristics of McLaren Vale Grenache and Shiraz, the Rosé Vermouth is aged in a mixture of old oak and stainless steel with our distinctive 40/60 traditional/modern Torino blend that complements the fruit driven palate.

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