Desert Gin

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An overproof gin that champions modern Australian botanicals, 78 ̊ Desert Gin celebrates the vast, sun drenched deserts of central Australia & the unique food this arid environment offers.


700 mL
Botanical Profile
Acacia Victoriae, Acacia Kempeana, Acacia Coriacea, Juniper, Coriander, Riverland Orange, Blood Lime &Native Pepperberry

About 78˚ Desert Gin

In the driest continent on earth, ancient indigenous communities established a grain belt through the centre of Australia, working with the land to create crops in some of the most arid environments on earth. Wattleseed flourished in the desert despite minimal rainfall and its high starch and protein content made it a nutritious bush food.

To harness the wattleseed flavours of roasted coffee, dark cocoa and toffee, we house roast and grind three species of wattleseed before pouring it over the base gin to cold macerate. This also allows the protein lipids to balance the heat of this higher proof gin, creating a smooth yet rich mouthfeel. Combined with the bright pine and citrus notes from juniper, blood lime and Riverland orange, the result is a bold gin with intense citrus aromatics, complex toasted flavours and a vivid golden hue.

A bold higher proof gin distilled from a grape base, vapour infused botanicals and three species of house roasted native wattleseed. Well balanced, textural and citrus forward the warm palate shows rich underlying flavours of roasted coffee, cocoa and pepper.

Accolades & Awards

San Francisco World Spirits Competition
San Francisco World Spirits Competition
My favourite gin in the 78 Degrees range
- William
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