Distiller of the Year – London 2020 Icons of Gin



While it’s nice to win some big awards for Adelaide Hills Distillery again…but are the awards what drives them?

The producers of 78˚ Gin, 78˚ Sunset and Australian Aperitif Bitter Orange have swept the pools again. Best International Gin, Best Aperitif and Best Brandy are all accolades that rang out for the distillery at this year’s American Distilling Institute awards, one of the worlds largest spirit competitions, attracting amongst the highest number of entries of any of its type.

“The trifecta” the team at AHD say, while cheekily throwing in the fact they also recently won “Best Australian Grain Whiskey” at the World Whiskey awards. To this collection of driven producers, life is not about the awards; if it was they would be quickly outpacing almost any distillery across the country. The mantra of the Adelaide Hills Distillery team and focus of all they do is ‘Crafted For Better’.

“Crafted For Better, shouldn’t everything be?
Adelaide Hills Distillery are foraging a path of sustainability, of care and of consideration. We take each day and think about how we can improve our products; not just the quality, to which all the awards speak, but the thought and care for their environment and impact.”

— Toby Kline

Natice Grain Bottle_smaller.jpg

This ideology is not just about quality; it is their commitment to ensure every bottle their customer picks up is a benchmark world-wide. When they say benchmark, they reference not only the liquid you consume but the rigorous process that goes into crafting it.

From the procurement of endemic Australian ingredients (like green ants) to the laborious approach to sustainability through the distilleries water program and 300kW of solar production, the philosophy of being better drives Adelaide Hills Distillery from its core.

To truly understand this concept of being better, we recommend visiting their new cellar door and production facility, LOT. 100 in the Adelaide Hills.  Here you can see that they don’t just talk, they do.